Studio Fuego
Torenallee 26
5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 1459 1933


Studio Fuego is an Eindhoven based creative productionhouse,
specialised in concepts and their execution surrounding
everything film & video related. We have a strong background in
industrial design and that’s how we approach our
A/V-production proces.

Our core tasks involve visualising content, story and indentity for
corporate clients and the cultural sector. Besides commissioned
work we produce independent cinema and have a strong focus
on creative growth, in order to willfully fire graphic design and film
into our world.

We usually cross a lot of media and always start with an intrinsically
motivated concept based on core identity values. Our client is right
beside us to think along in this process of transforming
story to images. We shape it together and make sure people can
connect to and engage with the message. It has to look and feel
good as well.