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The Netherlands
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Dutch Design Week 2014

Title: Two Tone Melody
Chapter two of shortfilm
genre: art video
Independent commisioned work

Produced by Studio Fuego i.a.w. Sweatshop Studio
Camera, Direction & Editing:
Stephan Cornelio Velema
Soundscore: Joris Tillmans

ASML our stories

episode Theo Bartraij

Produced by Studio Fuego i.a.w. PastFuture for ASML
Direction: Stephan Cornelio Velema
Camera: Florian Koch
Editing: Stephan Cornelio Velema
Boomoperator: Joris Tillmans
Soundscore: Sweatshop Studio
Grading: Anillusion

Straatsterren in Lichtstad

Feature film
genre: music documentary

Cast: Fresku - Erosie - La Melodia - 24K - D.A.M.N. - The Ruggeds - Kempi e.a.


Although not the biggest city in the Netherlands, Eindhoven has proven itself when it comes to mastering each element of Hip-Hop on both national and international level. 'Streetstars in Lightcity' shows their highlights on a timeline starting in the early eighties until 2012.

Cinema Plaza Futura - Eindhoven
Opening movie KRS-ONE concert, Poppodium Effenaar - Eindhoven
EFF 2012

Produced by Studio Fuego for EHV365 & Madskills
Direction & editing:
Stephan Cornelio Velema
Scenario & Interviews:
Mijke Hurkx
Nico Swartz
Stephan Cornelio Velema
Colour grading:
Sound mixage:
Sweatshop Studio
Sound mastering / re-recording:
Paul Matthijs Lombert


World Bboy Classic

Moodclip for international
world class breakdance event







Produced by Studio Fuego for 45-LIVE
Directing & concept:
Stephan Cornelio Velema
Mijke Hurkx
Camera & editing:
Stephan Cornelio Velema
Colour grading:
Wouter van Gestel
Sound Editing:
Joris Tillmans